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All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult – ideally no more than 5 children per adult. All children remain the responsibility of their supervising adult at all times – we have areas of climbing, water, sand and animals and remind supervising adults to be vigilant. Please ensure that if children play with the toys they are not taken out into the large main field where they could cause an injury or illness to one of the animals.


We check toys after each visit, please note that we reserve the right to charge for any lost, stolen or damaged item. Our natural play area tree trunk, hills, Stepping stones and trampoline! Please note that it is not a soft play area, so please ensure that your children are supervised during their stay, ensuring young children understand that wooden structures are not as soft as a soft play area. You are welcome to use the play equipment at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury.


The risk of infection from farm visits is very small, but the diseases caused can be very serious. By following simple guidelines, similar to everyday basic hygiene recommendations, the risk can be easily minimised. Please ensure that hands are washed after contact with animals and always before eating, with soap and water (wipes, gels and sprays are not effective).


Please only feed the animals with specified food – other food could be fatal to the animals. Visitors are not permitted to enter into the enclosures unless supervised by a member of staff as part of an organised activity. As with all animals, anything with a mouth can bite! Please ensure children feed animals from a flat palm (except the pigs) or tip the feed into the enclosure. Please make sure your plastic container is returned to the white cupboard.


Food and drinks are not permitted on the play equipment, in animal areas.


Outdoor activities are weather permitting activities and there may be times when the outdoors are not accessible. Additional guidance and rules are displayed in certain areas. Please adhere to signage around the retreat to areas that are not accessible to children, this includes the kitchen area and various outdoor buildings.


Please help us keep Spencer’s Retreat Farm clean & tidy by putting your rubbish into the bin or taking it home with you. The Langdale Trust cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings or vehicles.


The management retains the right to refuse admission.

We have Zero Tolerance Policy toward rude, destructive or disruptive behaviour. Children or Adults displaying such behaviour will be asked to leave. By purchasing entry you agree to this disclaimer – should you require any further information then please speak to a member of staff.

Bookings and Refunds

All bookings must be paid for in advance. Payment can be made via bank transfer. If you require an invoice please ask. Payments cannot be refunded if you change your mind or due to weather conditions. In the rare event we have to cancel your booking a full refund will be given. If there are extenuating circumstances and you cannot make your slot please get in touch. If we can fill your slot we may be able to move your booking. This is subject to availability and at the discretion of the booking administrator.

In addition, we are now set up to benefit from Gift Aid. If you are a UK Tax Payer please consider completing this form so that we can claim back 25p from every £1 you have donated to us.


We love to receive your feedback. Please share you photos and feedback with us via our social media pages.

Please also fill in our feedback form below as this sort of data is essential in order for the charity to survive and apply for grants.

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